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September 17, 2008



hey first to comment yeah! lol
i had a mint! time at the mill on sat
i was off it tho haha
will u let me know when next ones on
cos i was lucky to come to this
one cos me mam reminded me lol
oh btw i got off wi sum lass from colne and cnt remember her bloody name help ? lol
cyaz xxx

Leon Seth

Its mad how its set in Bradford, over 5 years plays music of black origin and in one of the most ethnically diverse places in the country... But still has no minorities coming in there? Says alot about the small minded drug fuelled people that attend pretty much a closed shop if you ask me. I have a mate that went a few times who's black and found people were intimidated by his presence. Still stuck in the past and really needs to move forward. You can be forward thinking in thought, but it's actions that count.


Mr Seth... you don't know what you're on about!
Though Bradford may be ethnically diverse, one has to think of other things such as culture & religion. Many Religions forbid the abuse of drink & drugs. & Culturally I’ve never heard of an underground dance scene in Baghdad, Iran, ect.
As It’s European or westernised countries, in the main, that throws these parties. Culturally speaking the underground scene has only been about for no more than 30yrs in this country, making it in cultural terms relatively new!

Facts, facts, facts…back to School with you Mr Seth!

TT Crew

Hiya Leon (or Seth)

Thanks for your interesting comment. We've had quite a few BME attendees over the years, as well as a few DJs (Sean P for one). It's always been a bit of a puzzle as to why there aren't more BME participants in our events (in our experience of organising events over the last 18 years).

I don't think it's anything to do with drugs though, and i think your closed shop comment is a little unfair as we're very welcoming to a very very diverse cross-section of ages, genders and socioeconomic groups - many of whom don't take drugs, prefering to drink instead.

I think perhaps your comments are linked to the failure of multiculturalism insofar as there is little cross-pollenation between different groups in society based primarily on religious or cultural differences which manifest themselves very clearly in terms of leisure activites.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

Kind Regards

TT Crew

Leon Seth

Thankyou for your replies guys...

firstly Rik, try and understand that the underground scene in this country is'nt new!! the underground scene has been here since the Jazz scene in the 1900's.... So these nights your experiencing are nothing new, merely just a subculture of something that happened years ago. Your Probably relating the 30 years to the late Disco and early House scene in this country.

And regarding the second comments, Thankyou for your reply. I was telling you previously that one of my freinds who came a few times to the TT nights but found that people were intimidated by his presence. And his ethnic origins are from the carribbean and he felt people had stereotypes in there minds. He didnt feel welcome, I have been to many such events across the country but find theres always a good mix of people from different social and ethnic backgrounds even where there's big communities of ethnic minorities like Bradford. I dont think religion plays a big part as much as you think. For example when i have been to underground nights in Sheffield, Leeds,Nottigham, London,Lieciester,Brixton theres always a great mix of people. From all social groups all enjoying being in each others company. As you probably know yourself music unites not segregates. I'm white myself incase you didnt know. But I am very socially aware of and interested in social barriers, people face. Especially in places where theres a high number of ethnic minorities. A black man once said to me why is it a black man has many white freind's but a white man only has one. I laughed because its true..lol

Best Wishes

Leon Seth

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