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April 02, 2007


whats going on?

whats going on with the music at trash. aint been for a while but last time i did, downstairs was far to "sterile" and repetitive.... i thought trash was about being different. how bout some new djs? turner and roscoe rule but not every month! and people outside or manchester do play music you know!

im not getting at the nite, i love it, but wheres the quirk that there used to be?

and WHY THE NEW WEBSITE? the old one was far better!

all in all tho, KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ALL Y'ALL.



hahahahah what the f*!k???

DAWSOB P - 'im not getting at the nite' - what are you doing then? If that ain't a dis I don't know what is!

charlie charles

Have you seen the fire engine getting out of Beatherder on youtube?

You can on:-


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